Monday, December 11, 2017

IBM Cloud Private Café in Moscow

I would like to thank my ex-colleagues from the IBM Russia/CIS office from Moscow for a chance to attend an amazing event - IBM Cloud Private Café - and meet a new cloud offering from IBM.

In this post, I wish to say a couple of words about this new product from the Big Blue.

So, IBM Cloud Private:

  • Software defined, not an appliance (as, for example, Oracle Private Cloud Applience), positioned as a pure software defined solution which can be installed upon x86-64, Power or z Systems.

  • Container-based, Kubernetes is the heart of the product.

  • IBM provides the catalog of modernized and containerized IBM Middleware and data services (so, you can run your IBM WebSphere Liberty or Node.js based microservice in a Kubernetes-managed Docker container).

  • IBM extends Kubernetes by the following capabilities: Intelligent Scheduling, Self-healing, Horizontal scaling, Simplified cluster management, Container security & isolation, etc.

  • Cloud Foundry for application development and deployment is accessible out of the box.

  • Integrated DevOps toolchain may be interesting for developers.

  • IBM Cloud Private may be your secure access point to public cloud services (Blockchain, AI - Watson, etc.)

  • The cloud is running on existing IaaS: wmware, openstack, Power Systems, System z, IBM Spectrum, etc.

There are three versions of IBM Cloud Private:

  • Community Edition (exactly one master + one cluster, can be installed for free by downloading images from Docker Hub but, as you understand, no support is provided. The large list of IBM software with the suffix "for Developers" is also available.

  • Cloud Native (the fault-tolerant master, the support is provided, Community Edition + Cloud Foundry (optional) + IBM Enterprise Software (Microservice Builder, WebSphere Liberty, IBM SDK for Node.js, Cloud Automation Manager, etc.)

  • Enterprise (the fault-tolerant master, the support is provided, Cloud Native + WAS ND + MQ Advanced + API Connect Professional + Db2 Direct Advanced (sep. PN) + UrbanCode Deploy (sep. PN)).

IBM Cloud Private addresses the following enterprise use cases:

  • Case 1: Modernize and optimize existing applications (monolithic WebSphere or WebLogic based applications, existing WAS, MQ, DB2 infrastructure) + DevOps initiatives.

  • Case 2: Opening up enterprise data centres to work with public cloud services (e.g., IBM Watson, Blockchain and others).

  • Case 3: Create new cloud-native applications and push them to a namespace in the private cloud: addressing new use cases, IoT, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Data science experience, building MicroServices.

To have access to IBM Cloud Container Service, only an IBM Bluemix account is needed. The service is a container-based public cloud and can be used as a production environment as well as a place where environments are created by demand for development and testing before pushing images to your private cloud.

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