Monday, February 8, 2016

Top Three Enterprise Applications Integration Approaches

In the article, I would like to describe top three enterprise applications integration approaches. The right choice for your task is the most important decision during an integration project launching.

Data Management Level based integration. The main point is the following: integrated applications run completely regardless from each other and each of them uses its own data. If the application is connected by using some services invocation or message passing, an Enterprise Service Bus may be put on the case. If the data is changed between databases used by the applications, an Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) solution can be used. There are some ETL implementations able to call web services as well as send and receive messages.

Business Process Management based integration. The main point is the following: integrated applications publish services endpoints, which provide some interfaces to the business logic of the applications. Automated on BPMN or BPEL business processes are executed in a Business Process Management System (BPMS) and invoke some or other services on different steps. In the case Enterprise Service Bus might be leveraged for the called application services virtualization.

Composite Applications based integration. An application business logic is organized by different services provided by the application as well as other information systems invocations. Hence, on a business process step a couple of services can interact, while the business process management approach means only one service is invoked on a different step. There are a number of technologies for the approach implementation, e.g., Java Business Integration (JBI, JSR 208) or Service Component Architecture (SCA).

Please, share your opinion about the integration approaches. I think this topic is interesting for my blog readers.

P.S. The UI-based approach is out of scope because this one differs markedly: the result of integration are provided for end-users only, not for applications.

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