Friday, April 24, 2015

About Myself

Hello everyone! Let me present myself, the author of this blog.

My name is Pavel. I'm a software developer and a travelling presale at IBM. In my life, I just try to share my knowledge about software developing to other people.

Two words about my technical background. I have been developing software with the Java platform for 8 years and so, I can talk something about it :) In the past I was a system architect in several consulting companies and worked on a lot of integration project, i.e. I developed and ended up in production the Enterprise Service Bus for the largest telco company in the Russian Federation. At present time I work for IBM and sell zSystems solutions, yes I really like big irons. What about you?

In the blog, I'm going to share my experience and write posts about SOA and system integration, BPEL and BPM, IBM mainframe and distributed solutions, Java and Java EE and, of course, about our respected competitors as well. If you wrote me some comments I would be a very happy man.

Oh, my photo just for the acquaintance.

See you!

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